Vintage style pink and white wedding cake


This is a beautiful cake there is no doubt about it, but whilst it is stunning there is also some sadness behind it.


The cake was designed with a bride and groom for their wedding. It was to be in pink and white with edible cake lace pieces, vintage roses, and hydrangea sprays over 5 gorgeous tiers.

Sadly, the couple decided not to get married and to go their separate ways. This happens far more than people realise and there are many reasons why couples choose not to get married in the end.


It’s very distressing for the couple and their families and it is a tricky one for suppliers and although our hearts go to the couple whose hearts are no doubt broken, we must learn not to take it to heart and to provide our service to the next couple who do continue with their wedding plans.


So, I was left with this beautiful cake design that I was never going to make for an actual wedding, so I made it anyway and used it as a display cake for various wedding fairs.


I think you will agree the cake deserved to be made and the couple who are no longer a couple deserve to be happy wherever they may be.


Sugar flowers made using Squires Kitchen Flower Paste (SKFP)


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