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Red Velvet Naked Wedding Cake

 Most of the naked cakes you see are generally made of vanilla sponge, giving the same golden yellow appearance across the tiers. More recently couples have been mixing flavours and adding may be a chocolate tier or a toffee tier giving a naked cake with different colour layers. Our client Ornela, who was married at The Gardens, Yalding wanted a naked cake all in Red Velvet Sponge, very unusual. I think you'll find the finished result looks amazing, the red velvet sponge against the white buttercream looks stunning, enhanced by the fresh fruits and white flowers and gypsophilia. Fabulous photograph by  Shell Spurling Photography . I love this shot looking down on to the top of the cake, its one of my favourites. This is one of my favourite cakes and its one I often share with clients when they are looking for ideas and to show them that it's ok to be different. A naked cake is a cake where the sponge on the outside of the cake is left bare with only frosting / buttercream betwe

A really personal personalised wedding cake.

  Carly and Leigh were married at The Orangery, Maidstone back in the spring of 2017. When I first met Carly and Leigh they had no real idea of what they wanted for their cake, just the colours they were using for their big day which they wanted to incorporate into their design. After a chat, tea and lots of cake during the consultation, they seemed very keen on the idea of a "reveal" cake. They were very keen on the cake being elegant and pretty as well as fun so we used cake lace on the front part of the cake edged in ribbon to match the colour theme and a narrow strip of diamante to give the cake that little bit of a sparkle and elegant look. Carly and Leigh had no immediate ideas what to have on their "reveal" side so I suggested the idea of film negatives depicting lots of personalised photos. They thought this was a great idea and were very excited to go off and search out pictures for me to use. In the end, Carly and Leigh sent me photos of them as a couple,