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The rebirth of Iced Images Cakes

Having made a decision in 2007 that I wasn't going to make any more cakes, and sold a lot of my equipment,  it was a bit of a shock to my friends and family when in 2012 out of the blue,  I announced I was not only going to start making cakes again, but also set myself up as a bona fide business and make it my full time job! Back in 2007 I was working pretty much full time, with 2 children who had many after school activities. I found that it was just impossible to make cakes for people in the time I had left. I am not very good if I don't get enough sleep so working into the small hours was not an option, especially with work the next day. A few years later, my youngest son was going to be starting school, and having stopped work when he was born to look after him, I was beginning to be concerned as to what I was going to do when he wasn't at home anymore. The idea of not working is great, but in reality I found that most people do work once their children start scho