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Katie and Matts Wedding

Katie and Matts Wedding Cake I was first introduced to Katie through Kent Wedding Swap Shop. They were getting married in 5 weeks but the person who was originally going to make their cake couldn't deliver it to the venue on the day. The brief was 3 tiers, dark purple ribbon (def not Cadbury purple.) and a character cake topper for the top tier. The cake was 3 tiers of different flavour sponges, covered in butter icing and double iced in ivory icing. Nice and simple, but nice and simple isn't always easy! Nice and simple means the cake  often doesn't have much decoration of which means there is no room for error. The sides and top have to be perfect as there is nothing you can use to hide any flaws in the icing. The cake and cake board were edged in a deep purple ribbon with a ribbon bow and large diamate broach on the top tier. The broach was attached to the cake with a large dollop of royal icing and allowed to dry before transporting. As I was going alone to th