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How it all began!

So here it is, my blog! I dont know much about "blogging" but thought I would give it a go!! I am often asked how I got into cake decorating in the first place! It's something I often think about as it was quite by chance. In 1992 I completed my finals for my Biochemistry degree which had taken 5 years of day release. Instead of like the rest of my colleagues who had finished their degrees, who  were all looking forward to no more college, home work etc.  the thought of all this spare time scared me! I am still even now no good at doing nothing or relaxing. I had a morbid interest in my family history, and I still do! It's something I work on when I am not making cakes! So I found an evening class in family history at a nearby Adult Education Centre.  I was so looking forward to this, but with a couple of days to go the course was cancelled due to lack of interest. Apparently I am/ was in the minority of people who want to find out about "dead people"