Toni and Alex's between lockdowns wedding August 2020

 Toni and Alex met me at a wedding fair and came to see me for a consultation. They had an idea that they wanted a silhouette wedding cake so we designed a beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes with different silhouette scenes for each tier.

Roll on about a year later and COVID-19 arrived and all weddings were on hold.

As lockdown started, many weddings were postponed, many couples were left in a quandary as to what to do!

Toni and Alex had booked their wedding for 8th August 2020 at Salomon's Estate, Tunbridge Wells, and as the COVID cases dropped weddings were allowed again but this time with restricted numbers. So Toni and Alex decided to stick with their original wedding date and have just 30 guests to their wedding in line with the COVID 19 requirements at the time.

As you can guess as they were only having 30 guests they didn't need a 3 tier wedding cake so we had to alter the design drastically to one tier and they chose the silhouette scene of their proposal in New York to be added to their cake.

Toni and Alex provided me with a photograph of the proposal scene to use as the basis for the cake scene, however the picture due to the multiple layers the couple were wearing due to the New York cold when cut into a silhouette did not give the picture of a proposal but quite a lumpy item that didn't lend it self to what they wanted. On this occasion I had to improvise and I used the proposal silhouette cutters by Patchwork Cutters along with their New Your Skyline cutter.

The cake was finished with burgundy and black ribbon which were the wedding colours, as well as a black personalised topper from Design Etch Cut.

In addition Toni and Alex ordered 30 matching mini cakes finished with black and burgundy ribbon, and burgundy sugar roses and green sugar leaves.

It all looked perfect on the cake table at Salomon's using our vintage wooden box cake stand.


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