The Great Gatsby

 It must have been amazing to have been invited to Mr Gatsby's parties (if he was real), there was certainly no expense spared. The 1920/30s for some people was a fabulous time, letting their hair down and partying, the fabulous décor and intro into the Art Deco era. Must have been "roarin'"

Gatsby themed weddings are very popular, especially as it's a great theme for a party and I was inspired to make this cake after seeing a black and gold fan design on the internet. The cake was not  totally inspired by Gatsby, as I've actually only seen the film once, more by the fan design I must admit.

Now this cake was made a few years ago now, and you'll notice no sharp corners and edges on the cake which would actually add to the theme for sure, but on its own this cake is certainly striking

Black and gold together are great but adding to white too is even more amazing.

If I made this cake again, I would go for square edges all round but for the time being here she is in all her glory.



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