Ruched wedding cake

 Following on from my previous post about not making many "white wedding Cakes" here is another white wedding cake!

Although this cake is predominantly white, it does have some silver detail on it which for me breaks up the total whiteness. As well as a little silver detail at the centre of the ruche, there are also silver separators between the tiers which not only gives it extra sparkle but adds a little extra height and detail to the cake.

This is a dummy cake, again made for a wedding fair, primarily to show off different and some what unusual techniques in sugar paste. They aren't unusual as such, just a little out of date, but that doesn't mean they cannot be adapted for modern cakes.

The designs on the bottom tier are made from the Patchwork Cutters Church Window( Church window side design tutorial). This technique has been around for a number of years and I first used it on cakes over 20 years ago, I think it gives an extra "something" to the design, it did receive quite a few positive comments.

On the bottom tier there is also a
band of Broderie Anglaise, again an old technique but certainly not out of place here.

Smocking is an easy and very effective technique in either large or small areas on a cake. I've used this on the second tier here. I've used it on other cakes with the material in one colour and the stitches making the "smock" (not sure if that's the technical term) in a contrasting colour. 

The top tier, the ruched tier, I love this effect as its actually carved in to the sugar paste using your Dresden tool but looks really effective, and again can be used on large or small areas of a cake,

I hope you like it!


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