Christmas Bauble Wedding Cake



Back in October 2020 I was asked to take part in a styled shoot at the very lovely Hayne House Wedding Venue, the theme for the shoot was “Christmas Winter Wedding” with reds and greens.


I deliberated for a long time about the design and had many ideas. I really liked the idea of a “swag” of baubles as well as some winter sugar flowers which seemed to fit well with the theme.


I made some sugar white roses, holly and red berries, mistletoe, and mistletoe berries, pinecones and variegated ivy which I arranged on the top of this 4-tier cake and as a single rose bud and foliage on the front of the bottom tier.

I secured the bottom flowers in place with a wide deep red ribbon with long tails over hanging the cake. This ribbon was also used on the 4th top tier of the cake finished with a bow and a gold and diamante brooch.


The second and third tier of the cake were combined to give one extra tall tier approx. 8 inches in height. Iced in white icing, I decorated this with approx. 70 red icing covered baubles. I used polystyrene balls on cocktail tocks, each one carefully covered and sprayed with glaze to give them a shine. I started adding the baubles at the bottom side of the cake and up the front diagonally across the cake to the top tier.


The cake was then complete and ready to go when lockdown 2 (for Kent and South East started at beginning of November 2020) was announced and the shoot had to be cancelled.

So, I have this cake now packed away in a box to ready to show at any future wedding shows!


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